Lithium battery charger

With rich experiences in lithium battery applications, Power Supply Division established on 2016. We devote to developing high quality product for lithium battery charging, battery swapping, E-scooter / E-bike leasing and E-scooter / E-bike sharing market. Our product line includes 80W ~1200W lithium battery chargers and 350W – 850W power supplies
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Battery Management System (BMS)

Superpower follows the market demand and make use of team technical advantages to develop smart battery management system products by concentrated technical strength. Our BMS is widely used on battery packs for electric two wheelers /three wheelers, 5G telecom UPS, home ESS, UAV/plant protection drone, smart power-tools,AGV/electric forklift, battery leasing and swapping, etc.
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Superpower is dedicated to developing and manufacturing of multi cell PCM and accumulated rich experience on different applications. PCM products are widely applied for battery packs for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, power tools, telecom BTS energy storage, motorboat modular battery, automobile start-up battery, e-scooter/ e-motorcycle battery, swapping/leasing battery, small forklift battery module and home ESS, etc.
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